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My dark Beet

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I got such a big feedback from Facebook group "The Bite Shot -we love food photography" and from Flickr to my "Beet" photo, that I decided to write a story of it.

1. Subject

Do you think everything started with beets? No. The basket was a reason. I have a nice basket and I thought what would be looking good insight the basket? I tried mandarins, apples... Then in a grocery store I saw it- an amazing beets with long green tails. When I saw the beets I already saw how it will be curled in my basket.

2. Simplify

If you have an interesting subject you don't need to bother of something else. Concentrate on a subject, think about light and focus. That's all you need to worry about.

3. Focus

I tried f/4, f/5.6, f/8. I always try to use different f number to find which is the best. I always try to catch the atmosphere not just to get a sharpness. I found that f/1.4 with my 50 mm lens looks the best. But as it is known this f number gives too shallow depth of field, so I decided to use a stacking focus. Too much work? Yes.

4. Post processing

When you start with editing you have to know what color you don't want to see in your photo, and what color you want to emphasize. I wanted more red, more purple, more green. Then more highlights and more shadow.

5. Developing your eyes vision

Difficult? No. Life long Interesting process ))

Hanna Tor photography

Thanks to Flickr, an amazing community!

Thanks to the Facebook "The Bite Shot _we love food photography" , a very friendly and informative group created by Joanie Simon

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